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Dipanshu Sharma Corporate Wellness Trends

3 Corporate Wellness Trends to Keep an Eye On, According to Dipanshu Sharma

Corporate Wellness Expert Dipanshu Sharma Shares Corporate Wellness Trends Popping Up Now   Corporate wellness is an increasingly popular concept, as companies seek to find benefits and perks to make their employees happier, less stressed and more productive. The key, many believe, is through wellness initiatives that help employees holistically and address mental health and […]

Dipanshu Sharma- Celebrates One Year Since Incorporation

Meditation.Live, Founded by Dipanshu Sharma, Celebrates One Year Since Incorporation

This week, meditation.live celebrates its one year anniversary and the successes it has seen in the last year as it brings meditation and mindfulness practices into corporate spaces. Meditation.live is a wellness platform with a mission of inspiring 5 billion people to find their true purpose by featuring meditation and mindful movement classes, according to founder […]

Dipanshu Sharma Technological Solutions to Depression Anxiety

Dipanshu Sharma Weighs in On Rise of Technological Solutions to Depression, Anxiety

Apps, Online Platforms Become Popular Ways to Meditate, Says Wellness Expert Dipanshu Sharma   As major depression increases among young people, digital solutions are growing in popularity as well, said Dipanshu Sharma, the founder of Meditation.Live. Apps and websites are looking to meditation and mindfulness as tools to decrease depression and anxiety in users.   […]

Dipanshu Sharma

Meditation Integrated Into Curriculum in England Provides Amazing Benefits, Says Dipanshu Sharma

Meditation Expert Dipanshu Sharma Says Mindfulness, Meditation Have Big Payoff for All Ages In England, 370 schools will now integrate meditation and mindfulness into the curriculum to put a focus on the mental health of young people. Under a government mental health study, in these schools, children will learn to meditate, techniques for muscle relaxation […]

Study Suggests Meditation Can Slow Down Brain Decline, and Dipanshu Sharma Has a Way to Make Meditation Accessible

Dipanshu Sharma Offers Accessible, Inexpensive Access to Meditation and its Benefits Via Meditation.Live Overall life expectancy is increasing in humans, but our brains start deteriorating after the first two decades of life and continue degrading with age. Research is being done that may crack what techniques people can use to diminish the negative impact that […]

Dipanshu Sharma - Mindfulness Increases Brain Gray Matter Density

Study Shows Mindfulness Increases Brain Gray Matter Density: Dipanshu Sharma Shares His Thoughts

Meditation Expert Dipanshu Sharma Discusses Recent Scientific Study On Meditations’ Impact on the Brain   A study published in Psychiatry Res. found that practicing mindfulness can lead to increased regional brain gray matter density, and meditation expert Dipanshu Sharma believes this is only the beginning of the tangible benefits that can be reaped from meditation […]